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Do you remember free shirts in college in exchange for credit card applications? Once upon a time, that was my idea of a t-shirt. In retrospect, it was never free, but that's a topic for another day. The credit card shirts were great for sleeping in, or carrying my laundry down three flights of stairs, but not for being seen in public.

Nowadays, a t-shirt defines the existence of my wardrobe.

I have a busy life and I want my days to be exciting and fulfilling. I am sure you can relate, so I am going to share how you can make that happen. I'm going to let you in on the secret of how easily you can be fashionable.

Keep reading to jumpstart your daily fashion plan with a t-shirt. That's right! A t-shirt is all you need. In fact, as many as you want without breaking the bank. Simply buy signature wardrobe pieces that you can easily toss into the washing machine. 

Learn how to build your t-shirt collection to create an exciting new style for yourself.

By the time you finish reading this, your idea of a t-shirt will be different.

Step into an inexpensive way to redefine your style without sacrificing versatility. You will discover your favorite t-shirt as the first line of defense against the mundane look that haunts your lifestyle. Before you say "never," keep reading. 

T-shirts are typically the last thing out of the closet when you want to look fabulous. So, why do you own so many?

Here's a list of why t-shirts are so amazing:

  • Comfort
  • Great Fit
  • Ease of Wear
  • Affordability
  • and Low maintenance.

When I need to make a quick choice, a t-shirt is the answer. Below are five ways to wear a praiseworthy outfit - complements of a t-shirt.

#1 The Jeans

Cooki Bloom I Do What I Want Jeans Outfit

Of all five choices, this is the option I am sure you will relate to. I don't know a person who doesn't own a pair of jeans. I don't believe these people exist. Not like unicorns or mermaids, but actually don't exist. 

Although you can relate to this option, this is the one that requires the most thought. Coupling your t-shirt with jeans will require you to decide on an image you want to portray. Before getting dressed, decide if you want to convey fun, relaxed, sexy, or something else. Then, make it happen.

You can be casual enough for work with a pair of classic black pumps. After work, head to Happy Hour in a pair of nude strappy sandals and large earrings.

You totally get it!

You understand your outfit will send a message of who you are, how you feel, or how you want others to feel about you. Read more in Your Guide to the Million Dollar T-shirt.

Think fast! You have three choices: Wear those glorious torn boyfriend jeans with (1) your feminist t-shirt and a pair of colorful stilettos for a daring Bad Girl look. (2) Try out a Cool Mom look with your latest pair of athletic kicks and the Cooki Bloom Don't Give Me Excuses tee. Don't stop there! (3) Slide on some flip-flops and head to the mall in your funny t-shirt that offends your office mates. Whatever you decide will be fun and you will look extraordinary.


#2 The Tutu

Tutus are my absolute favorite in the WWW. Not the world wide web, but I mean the Whole Wide World! 

A t-shirt with a tutu never gets old. Believe it or not, the tutu gives you options. Pair your t-shirt with the most grand tutu you can construct or buy for your upcoming photo shoot. You will enjoy a fantasy land of memories that capture you as the queen for years to come. Captivate the moment in a solid subdued hue or go whimsical with the multicolor look. Either way, you will impress the masses by showing off your graphic tee and tutu. 

Just in case you can't get tickets to the ball this year, wear your v-neck t-shirt with some dangling earrings and a midi A-line tulle skirt. This outfit is perfect for a workday followed by dinner and a movie. 

Cooki Bloom Tutu & T-shirt Outfit

#3 The Shorts

Creator and Designer of Cooki Bloom LLC

Photo by Mia

When it's party time, the outfit doesn't always come together like you imagined it. I have spent many hours staring into the abyss that I call my closet. I would bet you have done the same. You have lots of clothes to stare at, many of them are brand new with tags. However, none of them meet the criteria for the day.

Kit Yarrow explains the phenomenon of never-worn clothing in the article The Science of Why We Buy Clothes We Never Wear.

I’m not talking about bad gifts. I’m talking about merchandise purchased by the owner but never worn. This occurs so frequently that chances are you’ve got something with tags still on it stashed away in your home, too. Why would we waste money on clothing we don’t wear? 

Don't let your purchases waste away. Don't let the party end in your closet.

Grab those shorts. Yes, those! Pull out those fabulous fuchsia shoes you bought a year ago and have been saving for the right outfit. Lastly, and most importantly, grab your favorite t-shirt. Voila! You'll be rocking a creative and fun look that will keep you dancing and socializing all night long. 


#4 The Tights

Creator and Designer of Cooki Bloom LLC

Photo by Mia

We have all done it. Don't be embarrassed!  You hop out of the shower in a rush to make it to the post office before it closes. You have to decide quickly because your towel is a social no-no. So, how will you quickly dress yourself without looking like you did? 

An amazing outfit can be quick and easy.

Tights are my go-to. I have a feeling they are yours too. You don't have to look like you abandoned your spin class to wear tights. Your outfit can take any direction you choose, successfully. Be comfortable and cute with a v-neck t-shirt, a brightly colored necklace, and a pair of embellished slides.

If your plan is to run errands all day, be comfortable in some athletic shoes. Pull out those brand name running shoes you purchased for your New Year's Resolution. Show them off with a t-shirt that shows you mean business, like the Cooki Bloomer Coming Through shirt.  


#5 The Suit 

Creator and Designer of Cooki Bloom LLC

Photo by Mia

I refer to this one as The New Yorker look. Nothing says, "I have things to do" like a business suit and a t-shirt. Leave the cardigan and the blouse in the closet today. Break out your business suit and your favorite t-shirt. Trust me. You'll look stylish and feel like a Lady Boss.  

Cooki Bloom Love Marketing T-shirt Officewear

I have grown to understand how my image not only matters to me, it matters to everyone else. Your feedback from others will improve when your appearance reflects confidence and style. The people around you will reflect your energy, so take control.


Take look around Cooki Bloom and find the perfect shirt for your day ahead. 

What's your favorite t-shirt outfit combination?

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